Today, flatbread is definitely more than a topped appetizer.  With more than 35 years of expertise in baking flatbreads, Kronos supports the trend of bringing this Mediterranean staple to the main stage.  Why not escape the everyday breads and offer consumers a healthy and delicious alternative with a taste of the Mediterranean.

For instance, swap your regular sandwich bread for flatbread.  Not only is it a healthy, low-carb option, but each Kronos flatbread is baked with a proprietary oil blend so that every bite is bursting with flavor that enhances your toppings or fillings. Consider using flatbreads in your pizza recipes, Kronos offers a flatbread pizza crust that turns your regular pizza into an entirely new creation, a small bite, sharable option.  Maintaining the same great flavor of our regular flatbread, each crust is partially baked to perfection with the perfect thickness from edge to edge.  It is even has a superior crunchy texture that coincides perfectly with your own personal choice of toppings.

Gone are the days of crusted white bread.  Why not experiment with your menu offerings?  Make flatbreads the new, innovative staple in your menu.

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  1. Linda Snapp

    The Mediterranean Veggie & Hummus Flatbread Pizza is great and will be perfect for Thanksgiving appetizers with so many different tastes.
    Good and healthy too!


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