Our specialty sauces celebrate all that Mediterranean cuisine has to offer—quality ingredients, versatility and great taste that everyone enjoys.  From our creamy and delicious Tzatziki sauce to our versatile White Satin, our specialty sauces will bring your menu to life with flavor and excitement.

  • Tzatziki Sauce

    Kronos Tzatziki (Zaa-Zee-Kee) is the traditional creamy cucumber sauce with garlic and lemon juice that really brings out the flavor of the Gyros sandwich. One or two tablespoons per sandwich are all that is needed to make any sandwich perfect every time.  Tzatziki is also ideal as a sandwich spread, dipping sauce or topping.

  • White Satin

    Kronos White Satin is a great tasting, thicker alternative to sour cream with a better price point* and a longer shelf life. On average Kronos White Satin provides up to a 25% cost savings compared to sour cream.* Also, our White Satin has a 90 day shelf life compared to an average of 7-14 days for sour cream, which, means less waste. Sour cream liquidizes on hot foods and our White Satin holds up to heat providing a better plate presentation. It is versatile and can be used as a base for Tzatziki sauce or any of your favorite creamy toppings or dips.

    * Based on KFI Distribution price comparison of sour cream and Kronos White Satin

Sauces and Dips
Tzatziki Cucumber Sauce
002180Tzatziki Sauce, Half Gallon2/4 lbs.130/28 g9
002185Tzatziki Sauce, Half Gallon4/4 lbs.260/28 g18
002194Tzatziki Sauce, Bulk5 gal.650/28 g42
White Satin
007774White Satin, Half Gallon4/4 lbs.260/28 g18
007780White Satin, Bulk5 gal.650/28 g42