• Naan Pita Bread

    Kronos Naan Pita Bread is a traditional oval-shaped, IFANCA Certified Halal bread. It is the perfect complement to soup and salad. You can also use it to create unique sandwiches and pizzas.  Kosher certified.

  • Pocket Pita Breads

    Kronos pocket pita breads are great for stuffing and are a fun alternative to ordinary sandwich bread! Made with our authentic Greek recipe they can accommodate a variety of fillings from salads to omelets. They are available in whole pockets or pre-cut for your convenience.

  • Multi-grain Pita Chips

    Kronos has turned a simple chip into a big deal. Our multi-grain pita chips are slowly baked to perfection with unprocessed sea salt and other fine ingredients. They are a heart-healthy alternative to regular chips with zero trans fats and less sodium. They are a sturdy and versatile chip that holds up better than other dipping chips. They deliver a crunchy bite every time with a light, delicious flavor.

Specialty Pita & Naan
002109Naan Pita 8" Tandoori Original12/8 ct.96/3.0oz.19
Pocket Pitas
002220Pocket Pita Original12/10 ct.120/2.5oz.20
002227Pocket Pita Pre-cut Original12/10 ct.120/2.5oz.20
002222Pocket Pita Pre-cut Wheat12/10 ct.120/2.5oz.20
Multigrain Pita Chips
002686Multi Grain Sea Salt 14 Lb.1/14 lbs. bag224/1oz.15