Kronos Perfect Pita Breads are precisely the right size and precisely the right taste when you want everything to be just perfect. Each pita is exactly the same size, weight and appearance. They deliver quality and consistency to any menu. Kosher certified.

A larger version of our Perfect Pitas, our 9” Super Pitas are thicker and more flavorful than traditional wraps. They roll easily without cracking and because they are thicker they won’t become soggy or fall apart. The perfect bread solution for today’s wrap or sandwich applications. Kosher certified.

Our smaller version of our Perfect Pitas, our 4” Petites are ideal for appetizers. Whether you’re creating a variety of savory appetizers, grab ‘n go finger foods or looking for ways to enhance your catering menu, these Petites will be a huge hit.

Windy City Pita Bread

Our Windy City Pita Bread is a thinner alternative to our Perfect recipe with the same great taste and performance you have come to expect from Kronos. Windy City Pitas are the perfect way to add value and profits to your menu.

Perfect Pitas
002035Perfect Pita 6" Original12/10 ct.120/2.8oz.22
002036Perfect Pita 7" Original12/10 ct.120/3.2oz.26
002038Perfect Pita Petites 4" Original4/36 ct.144/1.2oz.12
002045Super Pita Wrap 9" Original10/10 ct.100/3.1oz.20
Windy City Pita
002405Windy City 7" Original12/10 ct.120/2.6oz.21