At Kronos we celebrate all that Mediterranean cuisine has to offer – quality ingredients, versatility and great tastes that everyone enjoys.

Kronos continues to lead the industry with Mediterranean-inspired menu options  that support today’s culinary trends and healthy lifestyles!

Whether you are looking to serve traditional Mediterranean cuisine or just want to add international appeal to your menu, we have the specialty products you need.

  • Falafel

    Kronos pre-formed falafel balls are available in two different portion sizes, a small .05 oz. and a large 1 oz.  They are made from deep fried chick pea paste and can be served with a variety of toppings or sides. This Mediterranean specialty is a delicious vegetarian addition to any menu.

  • Tahini Sauce

    Our Tahini Sauce features quality ingredients.  It offers a delicious blend of pureed sesame seeds, garlic and traditional spices.  It is creamy yet delicate enough for easy pouring. Traditionally used on Falafel and  Chicken Shawarma sandwiches, this sauce adds a unique flavor to a wealth of Mediterranean dishes.

    Learn More About All Our Sauces & Dips

  • Mousaka

    Layers of seasoned ground beef, sliced potatoes and eggplant topped with béchamel sauce.

  • Pastitsio

    Greek lasagna made from layers of seasoned ground beef, cheese, tomato and macaroni noodles topped with béchamel sauce.

  • Feta Cheese

    Traditional Greek curd cheese. Delicious when crumbled over any salad or entrée.

  • Olives

    Greek olives, plump and juicy, that are full of flavor.

Loukaniko Rope

Greek sausage made from ground seasoned pork product stuffed in natural casing. Uncooked.

Mediterranean Specialties
338031Loukaniko Rope10 lbs.50/3oz.11
338032Mousaka2/6 lbs.12/8oz.15
338033Pastitsio2/6 lbs.12/8oz.15
383499Falafel, Small 0.5 oz.4/4 lbs.170/1.5oz.17
383498Falafel, Large 1.0 oz.4/4 lbs.128/2.0oz.17
318008Feta Cheese, Bulk28 lbs. pl.448/1oz.51
318011Feta Cheese2/8 lbs. pl.256/1oz.28
318017Feta Cheese2/4 lbs. pl.128/1oz.13
318037Feta Cheese Crumbles2/5 lbs. bag160/1oz.12
328106Kalamata Olives, Extra Large30 lbs.800 ct.38
328108Kalamata Olives, Superior30 lbs.900 ct.38
Specialty Sauce
002197Tahini Sauce2/3.5 lbs.112/1oz.9