Kronos’ bakery located in Madera, California is the country's foremost specialty baker of the Mediterranean delicacy, baklava. Our baklava varieties are hand-crafted by our team of highly skilled artisan bakers. Our unique combination of old-world recipes and proprietary innovations allow us to keep our desserts consistently delicious and authentic.

We are located in the heart of California, surrounded by nut and fruit orchards and vineyards. We take pride in supporting our local economy by actively sourcing local suppliers for our ingredients whenever possible. All of our nuts, honey, eggs and dairy products arrive wholesome and fresh from local ranches and farmers. We produce our own fillo dough on site, guaranteeing our stringent quality standards are consistently met. We offer a complete line of baklava varieties.

  • Sinbad Classic Baklava

    Hand-crafted by artisan bakers, Sinbad Classic baklava is prepared by combining dozens of layers of Rain Creeks own crisp, buttery fillo pastry leaves, with their proprietary blend of fresh, locally grown walnuts and aromatic spices, and Rain Creeks special honey syrup.

    Available in classic triangles cupped and other varieties:

    Baklava Mini Bites

    Now our most popular Baklava is available in a smaller serving size. Our mini bite rectangles are approximately 1.2 ounces each.

    Homestyle Baklava

    Larger size means greater value. Homestyle baklava is twice the size of our Classic baklava at a lower cost per serving.

  • Kronos Authentic Greek Baklava

    Our Kronos authentic Greek Baklava is prepared the traditional way with heavy honey syrup.

  • Sinbad Baklava Chocolat

    Innovate your dessert menu with the broadest appeal dessert flavor…CHOCOLATE. Offer a premium specialty twist with our Baklava Chocolat, a fusion of a Mediterranean classic and a popular European flavor. Baklava Chocolat is prepared by combining dozens of layers of our own crisp, buttery fillo pastry leaves made with rich dark cocoa, a proprietary blend of fresh, locally grown walnuts and aromatic spices, and special chocolate honey syrup. Available in classic triangles and mini bite rectangles.

  • Sinbad Pecan Queen Baklava

    Handcrafted, crisp, buttery fillo baskets are bursting with golden, roasted pecans and walnuts then bathed in honey syrup and crowned with halved pecans.

332540Sinbad Classic Baklava2/36 pcs.72 pcs.12
332136Sinbad Baklava Mini-Bites2/84 pcs.168 pcs.17
332542Homestyle Baklava2/24 pcs.48 pcs.17
332535Kronos Authentic Greek Baklava2/36 pcs.72 pcs.15
332550Sinbad Baklava Chocolat2/36 pcs.72 pcs.12
332146Sinbad Baklava Chocolat Mini-Bites2/84 pcs.168 pcs.17
332131Sinbad Pecan Queen Baklava3/35 pcs.105 pcs.18